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Unfortunately this project closed at the end of July.

However, we are looking to re-launch a new project from September 2018 - Watch this space for more information


The ASPIRE project commenced in 2014 and provides support, guidance and advice for individuals who want to progress towards paid employment.


The project is divided into 3 separate streams; namely:-



We provide 1 to 1 consultations to determine what the individual would like to do and what might be useful to help that person to progress to achieve their ambition.


Every Wednesday morning we run a Job Club at which specific topics are covered all of which are designed to help the individual to gain confidence and prepare them for the world of work (e.g. preparing a CV, conducting oneself at an interview etc). In addition, we have guest speakers who come along and help to provide an interesting and varied programme.


For each job club member, opportunities for volunteering and work experience are sought and when agreed, the person is introduced to the organisation and their progress is monitored.


When the individual has progressed to the point of applying for a paid job and offered an interview, the candidate is supported on the day and if successful for an indeterminate period following their start date.



At present this entails one to one support in the same way as ASPIRE 1 but without a weekly job club.


ASPIRE 3 ( for 16 to 19 year olds)

Working with Queen Mary’s College in Basingstoke, their pupils with special needs are supported through one to one consultations and opportunities for work experience are sought. In the same way as ASPIRE 1 & 2, the objective is to help the individuals to find meaningful activities and to maximise their chances of finding a job and even a career.


ASPIRE is currently receives funding from Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.